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 Urgoz Current Metaway

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PostSubject: Urgoz Current Metaway   Urgoz Current Metaway Icon_minitimeWed 15 Apr 2009, 07:01

Anyone whos interested in doing urgoz, current meta is cryway.

3 Perma Sins [One with glyph of swiftness just in case cons are down],
2 Monk,
1 BIP [55 hp with armor swap set],
1 Ranger,
Cryers: VOR Caller [mesmer]
4 Excpetional Spike Cryers. (Generally mesmers preferred, although when short any old cryers will normally do)

Tending to run now on a single conset - even if its going over 30 mins we can easily cope without a conset in the popup death trap room.
Urgoz Current Metaway Gw00510

With amber prices at the merchant consitently > 600 gp, its an easy reward of 6 amber = 3K /15K faction points.

Wierd thing is some people are still pugging urgoz, and taking 2.5 hrs to complete it.

I run it when I've got time, gl all hf out there.
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Urgoz Current Metaway
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