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 Sephirah Typhereth

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PostSubject: Sephirah Typhereth   Sephirah Typhereth Icon_minitimeThu 11 Jun 2009, 14:37

Hello, so, basically i would like to join and here's the application form:
IGN (in game name): Lilith Sedai / Sephirah Typhereth
Age: 24
Location/Timezone: +1 GMT
Connection times: evening mostly - 19:00 - 24:00
Do you use Vent (not required but used) and a mic?: i can use it)
Main professions played: Monk, Assassin
What do you like to do in GW: Waiting for a good drop to come with my name on it Smile
How long have you been playing GW?: 3 years, i think.
What titles have you already finished and what are you working on now?: Just began assassin, Monk has People Know Me and some basic treasure hunting, kurzick e.t.c. Im working on getting GWAMM ) So its a long shot.
What was your last guild? : CoTS aka Children of The Sea
Why did you / are you going to quit your last/current guild?: I was kicked due to absence. I didnt plan on leaving GW, it was just a very depressive period in my life.
Have you ever been a member of a guild within the LoD alliance?: No, if i remember correctly.....but my memory of names is terrible, so dont take my word on this )
Why are you interested into joining our guild?: Well, i heard you are friendly people(thats what matters for me in life), and some of people from cots are in your guild. I dont know if they can say anything good about me nor do i care, but i can say they are good people )
Do you know players who are part of our guild/alliance? If so, who?: Rowan Catara to name just one )
Experience in PvP: a little bit of everything. i never really got into it. i played in RusCorp. May be you know them. But my computer was lame at that time, so i failed. Now i just do some RA/TA.

Now for your tricky question. Well....first of all there are too many unknowns - what team do i have? But, basically Ele isnt the best solution here. Para can be great as imbagon, but its not very effective against wurms bile which is a main killer here. So that leaves me with monk and necro. Monk is good if you dont have 2 already. Bar should be with hex removal + area|party heals. I personally like area heals. Necro will be good too - MM, SS/mark of pain curser. I hope i dont sound too serious.......i can smile, you know: rabbit The thing is i never did Zaishen bounty, 'cause i just returned to GW or life as a whole)

If you have any other questions, ask. Sorry for grammar )
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People Know Me
People Know Me

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PostSubject: Re: Sephirah Typhereth   Sephirah Typhereth Icon_minitimeThu 11 Jun 2009, 15:23

Lillith is a friend of mine, i think he'll fit in really well

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Sephirah Typhereth
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