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 Presentation of the Guild

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God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals
God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals

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PostSubject: Presentation of the Guild   Presentation of the Guild Icon_minitimeThu 06 Mar 2008, 20:48

Hello to all the dudettos and dudettes who will put foot on this forum!

First, I present myself, Aisha, one of the [CooL]'s beloved officers. (yes yes I swear! What a Face )

Enough said about me, the Celestial Order Of Light is a young guild, founded in October. We try to regroup players, interested about getting leet titles, doing Elite Zones, mostly dungeons and DoA. What we are looking for the guild, is a mature and friendly ambiance, while we get to do HM missions and zones in a most effective way. Helping each other is a must. At our Gecko's advice, we have joined the Zealots of Shiverpeak alliance to satisfy our members' PvP wishes.

The guild's leadership is composed of

- Meiko Isamura, Guild Leader, loved by all, the MAN everyone looks up to *clears throat*
- Ample Handfull, Officer
- Aisha Khan, Officer
- Miss Kit Kat, Officer
- Nevynn Meledelion, PvP Officer
- Syn Spellstrike, Officer
- Elite Mathias, Official [CooL] Mascot

And then last but not least, the members all have their part in the leadership, giving us inspiration for the orientation of the guild. Without our awesome members, our guild wouldn't have its pride and merits of being a well respected and efficient guild. Thanks for being part of the guild!

Let's show the rest of GW world what [CooL]-Quality is all about!

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[CooL] Mascot

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PostSubject: Re: Presentation of the Guild   Presentation of the Guild Icon_minitimeFri 07 Mar 2008, 05:50

G'day everyone. I know this is ment to be a locked post but i feel as if i must say this, and this is the best area to say it.

As the awesome [Cool] mascot i am very proud and honoured to say this: The Celestial Order of Light is by far the best guild that i have been in, and i have been in a few guilds Smile

Keep up the good work everyone! Cya all ingame!king
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Presentation of the Guild
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